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#don’t be fooled by this set

#these motherfuckers barely kiss through the entire series

#each kiss was a cosmical alignment 

Kids these days, you don’t know what SLOW BURN is until you’ve gone through 9 years of X-Files!

Seriously, this makes it look like it was all kissing, all the time; like Chris Carter was there on Day 1 going “THIS IS A ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP.” Lemme tell ya, I think CC is still a bit irritated that the romance got away from him. I mean, yeah, he (and his team) made it happen, but his denial of pretty much everything relationship-wise was epic, and it was always kind of grudging.* Top kiss? Mulder is possibly hallucinating/possibly in an alternate universe; that is, it’s not his Scully (also, she slaps him). Next down? New Year’s, season SEVEN. Next four? Post-series movies. Second from the bottom, the very end of season eight. AFTER there was a baby of dubious parentage. SEASON EIGHT. Bottom? First XF movie, and she was stung by a bee in the cut that made the movie - no kiss.

(We were called “shippers” because “relationshippers” were the opposite of “noromos” (no romance-ers), who seemed to think that a relationship would ruin the integrity of the show. There truly is nothing new under the sun.)

Tags of accuracy here. Tags of accuracy.

Welcome to my lawn, but please acknowledge the established plantings and the lawn’s distinguished history.

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Review - Best Bi Short Stories: Bisexual Fiction edited by Sheela Lambert



Wow.  Yeah, um, I barely know where to start this review.  Just wow.

So after admittedly shilling shamelessly for this kickstarter this past winter, Best Bi Short Stories is now a reality.   Editor Sheela Lambert struggled for 10 years to find the right publisher for this carefully curated collection, and Circlet Press turned to crowdsourcing, promising backers that this collection was worth their cash and support.  

And it is.  Damn, it really is.  

I do this thing when I read anthologies where I dog ear the corners of the stories I like and put in tiny slips of paper for the ones I don’t.   Of the 23 stories in this volume, 10 were excellent.  That’s 43%.  I don’t think I’ve ever read a short story collection that has pulled that well with me.   It’s kind of stunning.   

And it didn’t just do so well with me because all the stories were bi!   These stories are really well written and creative.   There were so many I loved, but I want to highlight a few of my favorites. Challenger Deep by Kathleen Bradean stars a woman who has come to the Marianas Trench to spread her father’s ashes, but it’s so rich in character development and symbolism that you want to read it over and over again.  As she pours his ashes in the water, she looses her beloved A’s hat, and finally gives himself permission to transition from Erica to Eric.  The moment where he becomes Eric was beautiful and sexually powerful.  Alone, As Always by Jenny Corvette is now my standard for bisexual infidelity stories — can your story beat a twisted time-lapse where a bi woman murders her abusive husband at the encouragement of a female lover that may or may not be real without ever feeling like a bi trope or a cheap shot at the mentally ill?   If not, go home son because this is the best infidelity plot I’ve ever read.  Dragon’s Daughter by Cecilia Tan was a complex fairy tale rooted in Chinese mythology and was so complex that I wished it could have been a novel all it’s own.  Magical doors, Chinese folk-tales, and the complex feelings of a Chinese-American protagonist connecting with her roots by finding her magical powers kept me frantically turning the pages.  

I was overall impressed that (as Lambert notes in the introduction) a quarter of the stories had transgender characters and that the stories included people of color throughout, including Chinese, American Indian, black, and Pacific Islander characters.   Friends and Neighbors by Jaqueline Applebee was also a winner, where an elderly man comes to accept the transition of his friendly neighbor, and that said trans guy is now dating his daughter.  The tone was perfect — heartwarming and friendly without ever feeling like a hallmark card.  It’s so rare to see an anthology that is really trying to show a diverse set of life experiences and moreover, one that succeeds in doing so as well as this one does.  

My main critique was that I would have liked to see more people of color as protagonists.  While there were some great stories with POC main characters, particularly Coyote Takes A Trip by Deborah A. Miranda, I would have liked to see more.   The only story I loathed was Inland Passage by Jane Rule.  I appreciated the perspective of a elderly bisexual woman, but the story didn’t work for me as a romance at all.  I found both women boring and bratty — oh boo hoo you can’t get off your ferry to gawk at the “real indian trading post”!  *eyeroll*   

But there are so many phenomenal stories in Best Bi Short Stories, the good far outweighs the bad.  This is a collection that zigs and zags across many different kinds of bisexual lives to find the heart of bisexual characters and bisexual community.  I would go so far as to recommend it to people who don’t usually get short story collections, as that any bi reader can find something to love in these pages. 

- Sarah

Trigger warnings for: explicit sex, slurs, frank discussions of racism, physical and sexual abuse, white privilege 


Anonymous asked:

You realize hamas has been telling their people to die for their weapons, and ATTEMPTING to blow up israel (and failing I might add), while israel is protecting their citizens 24/7 and using weapons to protect their citizens (using the iron dome) AND GAZA! Israel invaded gaza after giving the citizens of gaza and advised them to evacuate before invading. Israel invaded to destroy their weapons, not to kill anyone. ISRAEL WILL WIN ❤️


By the way, as I was writing that, 5 ROCKETS WERE FIRED AT ISRAEL. I can assure you all were intercepted by the iron dome and no one got hurt in israel in those attacks. Just so you know! :) am yisrael chai!

You have no idea how angry i was when I recieved this message, I was close to just throw insults at you but that is not the way to make you listen. You have clearly been misinformed, so let me explain why you are wrong instead. Grab a chair and let me educate you.

"You realize hamas has been telling their people to die for their weapons, and ATTEMPTING to blow up israel"

Yes, I am aware of the suicide bombers, but this is an invalid argument. Hamas never forced citizens to die for them, everyone who went into those missions were Hamas volunteers, who out of desperation tried to defend their land. The last suicide bomber from Hamas exploded January 18th 2005, and I also need to add that Israel had a lot of suicide bombers too. Between 1993 and 2006 Palestinians killed 643 people while the Israelis killed 3638 people (among them 148 children under the age of 15) in the period 2000-2006. x (note: this is a Danish source, but you can still see the numbers are right). However, this is completely irrelevant right now. 

There was a rumor about Hamas using citizens as human shields, but it’s confirmed to be false. The video showed is from Syria, not to mention MORE THAN FIVE MONTHS OLD. x

As you said, Today, the only thing Palestine has is fireworks, which barely does any damage at all. The death count of Israel is one person while 274 Palestinians have died in the last 10 days. There are more than 1500 Palestinians wounded, and only 2 or 3 Israelis. Over 900 homes destroyed, while only one building in Israel is. 


This is the aftermath of one of Hamas’s rockets compared to the damage of the Israeli bombs. Don’t make it sound like Israel is the victim. 

"while israel is protecting their citizens 24/7 and using weapons to protect their citizens (using the iron dome) AND GAZA! Israel invaded gaza after giving the citizens of gaza and advised them to evacuate before invading.

Israel don’t have a tough time protecting their citizens, because THERE IS NOTHING TO PROTECT THEM FROM.







Israel controls all the movement of the citizens and its borders. They obviously can’t cross the border to Israel, and no one is allowed to cross the border to Egypt either, and as you can see on the map below they can’t go by sea either. 


Israel invaded to destroy their weapons, not to kill anyone.”

That is not true, at all.

  • Israel fired 5 missiles at a hospital in Gaza and had threatened to do it again. x
  • Blew up a mosque, a school and a charity building.
  • A 15-year old Palestinian boy was forced to drink gasoline and SET ON FIRE.
  • Hundreds of Palestinians are dead and thousands are wounded.

Not to mention:

  • Israel has broken over 65 UN resolutions. 
  • Their government is paying college students to pro-Israel propaganda on social media. x
  • Three Israeli boys were kidnapped and it’s confirmed Hamas has nothing to do with it, though the citizens of Israel were told the opposite.

Bonus fact: According to major polls, the majority of Israelis and Palestinians agree that a two-state solution is the best way to end the conflict. x

And last of all, there’s nothing for Israel to win. This is not a war, this is genocide. If you had read any of the posts (with legit sources) floating around on this website I wouldn’t have to explain this. As Kathlyn Gadd said; “Blaming Hamas for firing rockets at Israel is like blaming a woman for punching her rapist.”


(a big thank-you to thominho and sarasnewtasticmusings whose posts have made this reply 93892 times more informative) 



this is why cultural appropriation is fucking horrible. You take our culture, you take our labor, you take our spirituality BUT you don’t want us, our brown bodies.

fuck you, you don’t deserve anything.

No, you are not appreciating my culture when at the same time You are deporting us and oppressing us.

This is the fight my sister and I stopped talking last because of. White people like us don’t get to simultaneously go “Oh, all Filipino women are crazy” (actual quote from her) while enthusing about the wonders of sugar skulls and belly-dancing.

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(via Intersex 101)

What do intersex activists want?

One of the main concerns of intersex activists is to transition from concealment-based treatments of intersex infants to one that is patient-centered. Often, intersex children are subjected to medically unnecessary procedures and surgeries in order to make their genitals appear normal. The child is then often raised without any idea of their intersex condition. Some of these surgeries create children with genitals different than their eventual gender, prompting sexual reassignment surgery which could otherwise have been avoided. Many surgeries and procedures are also experienced as sexually and/or psychologically abusive by intersex children, especially those used for research purposes or requiring sexually invasive treatments. Intersex activists now advocate that only medically necessary treatments be performed on intersex children, and that support and education should prevail instead of shame and concealment.

Some other demands of intersex activists include:

  • Not being fetishized or over sexualized
  • To be treated as real, diverse people rather than convenient examples for sex and gender theorists
  • Some wish to be allowed to legally identify as intersex instead of, or in addition to, male or female
  • To end stigma against intersex persons
  • Better education among medical professionals
  • Appropriate and knowledgeable health care
  • More psychological and social support for intersex children and their families
  • To consider medical necessity and sexual function as important factors in intersex care, as opposed to ‘normalcy’
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